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What is Colloidal Silver?

Silvera Solution for Ear 24ppm, the solution to all your ear troubles

Silvera solution for Ear 24ppm is another great medicine that is manufactured by the nutritional dietary supplement company known as BioNativus ( Latin for “life by nature” ). So what is Silvera solution for Ear 24ppm for? The answer is simple, it’s everything you need to keep your ears in the best conditions ever. It is an added product to complete the Silvera line. The formulae of Silvera solution for Ear 24ppm consist of structured silver with Aloe Vera to promote naturally healing without chemicals or odors. It completes the great Silver line with other great products like Silvera™ Gel, Silvera™ Solution, Silvera™ Solution for the Ears, Nose and Throat. What makes Silvera solution for Ear 24ppm so great of a product. If you’re asking yourself that question then finish reading this article and you will find out why Silvera solution for Ear 24ppm is a most have in your homes.

It is all Natural

Silvera is made up of only natural properties to promote natural healing without chemicals or odors. We know the impact that most natural products have and that is what Silvera solution for Ear 24ppm has, it has natural properties to do its job with no chemicals. With this it has all the natural properties in tact with no additional properties that will reduce its quality, its quality is unquestionable. We all know adding chemicals to natural substances reduces their effectiveness and natural qualities. Compared to the amount of companies reducing the quality of natural substances and adding more chemicals, Silvera solution for Ear 24ppm is still made with all its quality and natural properties this makes it the best product to have if you’ll like to treat your ear with a natural medicine.

Contains Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a natural plant with so many benefits to the body, including the ears. It has healing potentials for sun burn. Pain and itchiness can be especially irritating and difficult to treat when it occurs in the ears. Some group of people are more susceptible to ear trouble than others especially swimmers who have more frequent ear irritation. But no matter the case Silvera solution for Ear 24ppm is up to the task with its all natural inclusion of aloe Vera to do the necessary work. It is very effective and quick to react when applied. With the effectiveness there’s no reason I’ll think twice to use it if I ever needed it.

Contains Structured Silver

Silvera solution for Ear 24ppm contains structured silver, this was developed in the early 2010’s It has two ingredients which are water (99.999%) and silver (0.001%). The silver is bonded to the water. Structured silver has “molecules that are structured in a specific way, providing ideal access to silver”. Structured silver is beneficial for so many ailments, from using it as an anti-bacterial to reducing inflammation in arthritic joints to easing the pain of a burn. The remedies are endless as it can destroy bad bacterias unlike other antibiotics that’s destroy both good and bad bacterial( When that happens, it can end up causing gut dysbiosis )viruses, yeast, and mold. With the availability of structured silver in your ear treatment you are sure to treat what ever you have and protect it from what ever may occur again.

Artificial Ingredients, Preservatives or Additives

Silver solution for Ear 24ppm doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients, preservation or additives. It only has natural properties which is pretty much the best treatment. Substances like artificial ingredients, preservation or additives have been associated with adverse health effects and should be avoided, while others are safe and can be consumed with minimal risk. Those ingredients can be pretty harmful with side effects which may cause nervous system depression, dizziness, chest pain, headaches, fatigue, allergies, brain damage, seizures, nausea, and much more. Some of the popular flavorings can also cause genetic defects, tumors, bladder cancer, and many other types of cancers. All these things are clearly avoided with the Silvera solution for Ear 24ppm.

There is no better way to treat anything than using the natural way, silvera solution for Ear 24ppm contains two main natural properties who have immense benefits to the human body, there are used to deliver exactly what is seek of them. Silvera solution for Ear 24ppm has proven to be the most reliable ear treatment that you’ll ever use. It’s simply a mixture of natural substances in a bottle so it can be delivered to you safely for your use. It has helped so many people who couldn’t find solutions to ease the pain and irritations in their lives. It is a most of have medicine to have. You may not need it now but may be later or a friend or family may. The only reason I chose to write about this, is to let many people know of just how great of a product Silvera solution for Ear 24ppm is, they might be people who have been searching for the right medicine to treat their ear infections am here to let you know that this is just the right solution for you.

I can continue going on and on about Silvera Solution for Ear 24ppm and won’t stop, so I’ll like to leave you to try it out and tell me if I was all wrong which I know is impossible.