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Peppermint Cooling Essential Oil

Peppermint Oil

The high content of menthol in theHealthStore.co Peppermint Essential Oil has set it apart from others when it comes to essence and quality making this oil one of our best-sellers and one of the essential 6 theHealthStore.co oils.
Silvera Solution for Ears Aloe Vera

Silvera™ Solution 24 ppm

Bio Nativus is excited to introduce its newest Silvera™ product to complete the Silvera™ line, Silvera™ Solution for Ears 24 ppm. This formula combines Structured Silver with Aloe Vera to promote naturally healing without chemicals or odors. The Silvera™ Line now includes: Silvera™ Gel, Silvera™ Solution, Silvera™ Solution for the Ears, Nose and Throat.
Bio Nativus Neutral-Min Red Blood Cells

Neutral Min

Neutral-Min is a broad spectrum concentrated multi-mineral dietary supplement with over 70 naturally occurring Ionic Trace Minerals. Ionic and Trace minerals are critical to a persons overall well being. Our bodies rely on minerals to conduct and generate tiny electrical impulses. These impulses enable muscle and all body functions to take place.
Healthy Heart Plus Bio Nativus

Healthy Heart Plus

NEW AND IMPROVED - Healthy Heart Plus is our newest and most exciting addition to the Bio Nativus product line. With ingredients such as L-Arginine and L-Citrulline you'll be sure to get that blood pumping again. 

Energy Amigo 30 Doses

Our best Guarana sublingual with our proprietary blend of other herbs and minerals to offer a lasting energy boost with

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