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Peppermint Cooling Essential Oil

Peppermint Oil

The high content of menthol in theHealthStore.co Peppermint Essential Oil has set it apart from others when it comes to essence and quality making this oil one of our best-sellers and one of the essential 6 theHealthStore.co oils.

Ag Basics H2O 16oz

No artificial ingredients. 100% all-natural homeopathic supplement. Shown to be effective against many bacteria and other pathogens.
Sweet Orange Purifying Essential Oil

Sweet Orange Oil

With lots of health benefits and an energizing aroma that can uplift the mind and body, Sweet Orange has a sweetly become one of theHealthStore's top selling essential oils.

Ag Basics Silver+Copper 16oz

Ag is the symbol for Silver in the periodic table of the elements. Cu is the symbol for Copper. Echelon developed Ag Basics as a line of silver-based products designed to give your immune system a boost when you need it.
Tea Tree Rejuvenating Essential Oil

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree is best known for its purifying properties. It can be used to cleanse and purify the skin and nails and to support a healthy complexion. Taken internally, Tea Tree oil promotes healthy immune function.* theHealthStore Tea Tree oil is frequently used on occasional skin irritations to soothe the skin and is considered on of the six essential oils found on theHealthStore.co.

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